Daised and Confused

Saturday 17 November 1862

Knocker-upper somewhat late this morning, his long pole only rousing me as Miss Jordan arrives to make breakfast. I make myself decent as quickly as possible but from her shade ascertain that she must have glimpsed at least one of my ‘long johns’. Must buy myself one of those new fangled alarm clocks from Percy’s. I read they incorporate a snooze facility featuring a team of dainty silver hammers chiming a delicate Green Sleeves at seven-and-twenty minutes before ending with a cacophonous Rule Britannia at forty-two minutes to nine. Miss Jordan has a handsome breast and will one day suckle an army of rugrats, should her soldier fiancĂ© get his way. Such early morning stimulation I blame, in part, for the subsequent events of the day.

Daisy stayed over! My goodness, they will lock us up. Mind you, with Joshua Brooks as Pastor you never know what judgement might be deemed suitable (probably make us eat a hundred-weight of his loathsome boiled sweets to gain repentance). Fortunately both of us have forgotten how to perform ‘the act’ so are restricted to the nibbling of sweetmeats. Still, I love her. Will she ever forgive me for the past? Lured her amongst the rafters and to my cotton sheets via brass band night in the Northern Quarter. Ears still recovering – heart I fear shall never.

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