Sunday 20 January

Following an afternoon session in the upstairs bar with Bateman and DH yesterday I return to the House of Angles to witness a Bavarian card projection entitled The Lives of Other Chaps. The premise of a writer/director struggling for his integrity in a futuristic European dystopia seems a trifle fantastical, presuming as it does an unimaginably terrible tomorrow in which neither cotton nor coal play major parts. And some of the fashions! Despite these concerns I confess to being utterly moved by the performances – so often these cardboard characters can be surprisingly wooden but this bunch have left me brooding. Like the secret agent so expertly portrayed I wonder if I am acting with paranoia when arching an eyebrow towards Scarface and Shiftys’ covert conversations. These are two of the firms’ longest-serving employees after all and I know for a fact that Scarface dedicates his weekends to picking up fallen women and Shifty to relieving old ladies of their burdens. And what is wrong with two people sharing a bath in this day and age? Were there only sufficient room I’d be the first to ask Miss Jordan to hop in and join me in the tub.

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