Tuesday 22 April

Perhaps not wholly selflessly I answer the call to support Daisy who is pulling the strings at a puppet show festival being held in town this week. She does sterling work bringing to life a range of often funny, necessarily arty vignettes. A drink at Stranger on the way to her carriage. Wanting only a half she blames her accent when served with a delicious pint, little suspecting I have utilized ventriloquism skills, picked up over the course of the evening, to waylay her a little longer.

Why is it that during times such as this ongoing cotton-crunch, the desire to spend one’s shillings grows stronger? I’ve bought a diskette for Daisy of a tune we listened to on Saturday. Not actually that pricey, perhaps more likely to break the dignity bank as I see that but we’re not dating, you numpty look in her eye as I pass it to her casually.

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